About Lakhan

I am a Software Engineer with a love for solving problems 😍. I believe programming languages are the syntax that can help you communicate with digital systems (computer machine/web/mobile). Languages can come and go, but the thing that will remain is your ability to solve problems. At the same time, it is very important to keep yourself updated with new tools/technologies because that will give more power to solve the problems more efficiently.

I have a Masters degree in Information and Technology from Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Technology. But this doesn't change the fact, that I enjoy learning new tools and technologies and keep improving myself. I try to learn and share my learning through this website.

I am best known for tooling, building websites, mobile apps, and handling the deployments. I focus on delivering good quality products at a good pace. At the same time, I follow the idiomatic practices for the development and do not compromise on developer experience.

What I'm Doing now?

I am currently working as an independent contractor for Appbase.io and The Contentment Foundation. In the free time I write, contribute to opensource project and collaborate with my friend Yash Joshi and Nikhil Varma on interesting projects. Also I have recorded a video course for building an Airbnb clone using React and ElasticSearch.

My Skills

Javascript, Typescript, React, NodeJS, Golang, Graphql, AST, Webpack, Rollup, Babel, Elasticsearch, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, AWS, Shell Scripting, Gcloud, Python, PHP, HTML, CSS, React Native, Git


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