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First node module - skype-chat-parser

September 11, 2016

What is skype-chat-parser ?

Skype chat parser will help you to convert your skype chat history into json model. An example is given below.

[13/07/16, 4:56:42 PM] Mr x: Hello world


	"username":"MR x",
	"chatData":"Hello world"

This tool will help you model your skype chat history so that you can do chat analysis. One of my friend Samyak Bhuta inspired me to solve this problem.

How skype chat parser works ?

Skype chat parser is a command line tool developed using Javascript and published as a node module. It will take skype chat history txt file as a input and will give a json file which contains array of model shown above.

How to get text file out of skype chat?

  • Select the chat, copy and paste in your favourite text editor and save it with .txt extension

Installation step

npm install -g skype-chat-parser


skype-chat-parser [textfilepath].txt

Sample output

JSON saved to skypeChat.json

So yes, I am excited about announcing my first npm module which is published on Also this is an open source project so you can find source code on github repo and create Issues/PR.

References: video tutorial

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